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"I bet you can't keep this piece of coal in your mouth for half an hour." - George Stobbart

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11. February - 2003

Time: 22:38 GMT Vote for George are currently running a poll where they ask the question: "Who Is Your Favorite Adventure Couple?". Among your choices is of course George & Nico from our beloved Broken Sword games, so be sure to give them a vote! You can find the poll on their main page, in the column to the left.

Posted by: Jojo - Comments (0)

Time: 22:19 GMT New Section: Media
Today marks the opening of yet another section at our site, under the "Broken Sword 3" category: Media.

On that section is a large list of links to previews and interviews around the internet, concerning Broken Sword 3: The Sleeping Dragon. Reviews are to come after the release of the game, which is the 10th of October. There's a big possibility that I've missed several previews and interviews around the net, so if you spot one I've forgot to mention, please send me an e-mail on [email protected] and tell me about it.

[ New Section: Media ]

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10. February - 2003

Time: 20:11 GMT BS2.5 Update
Check out the website for the unofficial sequel to BS2, Broken Sword 2.5: The Return of the Templars, currently in development by some German fans. They now have for 4 new images from the game for your viewing pleasure. 2 screenshots and 2 art work, showing some guy (maybe the villain of the game?). Anyway, they look quite impressive, considering this is an amateur game. Here's two of them:

Also, did you know that it was Alexander Schottky who did the voice of George in the trailer for this fan-game? Schottky was the guy who did the original voices for George Stobbart in the German versions of BS1&2.

Posted by: Jojo - Comments (0)

7. February - 2003

Time: 18:23 GMT BS1 Flashback
At the adventure gaming website Just Adventure, they've posted a flashback review of Broken Sword 1: The Shadow of the Templars (Circl of Blood in the US). It's good critics all the way, and the only downside for the review was "enduring the sometimes endless dialog". Surely doesn't count for everyone! Anyway, the final grade was B+, and he calls this "a quality game".

Posted by: Jojo - Comments (0)

Time: 16:03 GMT BS3 Looks Promising
Well, of course it does! And at Czech gaming website, BonusWeb they have an article about the 10 most promising upcoming adventure games in 2003. It doesn't seem like they ranked the 10 Casino HR Online games, but Broken Sword 3 was the first game to be mentioned, on the top. I don't speak Czech though, and I doubt most of you visitors do either, but it's nice to know!

Source: Adventure Gamers

Posted by: Jojo - Comments (0)

6. February - 2003

Time: 19:44 GMT Magazine Article
PC Zone has in this months issue published an article called 'Missing the Point' which deals with the (alleged) slow demise of point & click adventures. And of course, this article couldn't have passed by without Charles Cecil famous quoute at last years ECTS show in London: "The point and click adventure game is dead, long live the adventure game". But the point n' click adventures get's good support from people like Jane Jensen, creator of the Gabriel Knight series, and others. Overall a very interesting read, were they also put Broken Sword: The Shadow of the Templars, in their "PC Zone's Hall of Fame".

Check out the scan right here.

Source: Monkey Island SCUMM Bar

Posted by: Jojo - Comments (0)

3. February - 2003

Time: 20:08 GMT Gallery Update
We've updated our Broken Sword 3 Image Gallery today, with a total of 13 new images. 2 images to the 'Art Work' section, 5 images to the 'Concept Art' section and 6 images to the 'Screenshots' section. And two of those screenshots are totally new from today!

Posted by: Jojo - Comments (0)

31. January - 2003

Time: 20:12 GMT New Screenshots
Along with the news of THQ as the publisher, have two brand new screenshots from Broken Sword 3. One is of a plane, probably the one George is flying in the intro of BS3, which is taken down by an electrical storm over Congo. The other one shows George walking up a staircase, and we can see a banner with the Sleeping Dragon logo on. Update in our image gallery coming soon.

Posted by: Jojo

Time: 15:51 GMT Publisher Announced!
Early this morning, the publisher for Broken Sword 3: The Sleeping Dragon was finally announced, at The Market for Home Computing & Video Games (MCV). And who is it? THQ!

"We are delighted to be publishing Broken Sword: The Sleeping Dragon and look forward to the continued success of this franchise, said THQ's senior VP of international publishing Tim Walsh.

Revolution Managing Director, Charles Cecil, added: We look forward to working with THQ to make Broken Sword: The Sleeping Dragon one of the biggest releases of the year."

So finally we get to know. The press release also mentions that the RuletaHry game is set for release on October 10th, for PC, PS2 and Xbox. An GameCube version is very unlikely, at the moment. THQ will be the world-wide publisher of the game.

Posted by: Jojo - Comments (1)

28. January - 2003

Time: 15:32 GMT More Magazine News
I overlooked an interesting part in this months Norwegian edition of PCG (PC Gameplay). They are currently running a poll about last years best frontcover in the magazine. There are 4 editions to choose from, and one of them is actually the December issue with a close up view of Nico holding her arm around George's shoulders. I uploaded a scan of the frontcover here, if you want to check it out.

I should give you some information on the voting, as it's probably only meant for the actual readers of the magazine :) Send a mail to [email protected] with the subject "Beste forside 200", and the actual mail should read "Desember - Nr. 4". If you click this link, all the above is inserted, and you just need to click "send" (if you're using Outlook of anything similar).

And if you're really lucky, you'll win a Gainward GeForce 4 grahpics card!

Posted by: Jojo - Comments (0)

24. January - 2003

Time: 20:14 GMT BS3 In Magazines
While looking through some gaming magazines at the newsstand today, I found a bit on Broken Sword 3 in the British version of PC Gamer. In this months issue they had an article on upcoming games in 2003. Since there are quite a lot of games coming in 2003, it didn't leave much room for info on each game. But Broken Sword 3 was listed, and was given the "anticipation rating" 3 out of 5.

Also in this months issue of the Norwegian magazine PC Gameplay, is a strange article on game developers "new year resolutions", as they call it. One of the listed is from Charles Cecil: "To revise an old British classic and make it a world hit again", and he was of course talking about Broken Sword 3. While this isn't the exacts words from Charles and the others that were listed, PCG says it's what they've gathered from interviews and such over time and now made into this comment. It's hard to explain, but as I said, it was a bit strange article.

Posted by: Jojo - Comments (0)

Time: 19:59 GMT Current Entries
I have added a Current Entries page for our Broken Sword 3 Box Cover Contest now. There are currently submitted 4 covers, and one by our own Lympex (which won't be included for judging), but we are hoping to get many more by the 1st of March.

Posted by: Jojo - Comments (0)

22. January - 2003

Time: 19:58 GMT Newsletter Working
After many months of malefunction, our newsletter service is working once again. I had actually forgotten about it's problems for a while when I last night went to check it out. But I fixed it and all it took was an upgrade to a new version of the script :)

To anyone of you who have tried the join the newsletter the last 3-4 months (maybe more), have most likely not been included in the e-mail list. All who subscribed before that are still subscribed. If you're not sure if you're on our list or not, just enter you e-mail in the field in the menu to the right and you will see for sure. Next edition of the newsletter will come any time now, as we've had a long enough brake.

Also, don't forget our BS3 Box Cover Contest. I have gotten a few covers, but would still like many more! A page with all current entries will soon be available.

Posted by: Jojo - Comments (0)

13. January - 2003

Time: 18:56 GMT BS3 Contest
It's time to test your artistic skills. It's time for The Unofficial Broken Sword 3 Site's first contest: Broken Sword 3 Box Cover Contest.

We are excited to announce our first contest, were all you need to do is to simply design a Broken Sword 3 box (DVD) cover and send it to [email protected]. For the few rules, check out the contest page. And we do of course have prizes aswell, which is 2 copies of Broken Sword 1: Shadow of the Templars / Circle of Blood. The contest ends the 1st of March.

Good luck to you all!

[ Broken Sword 3 Box Cover Contest ]

Posted by: Jojo - Comments (2)

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