Do You Need A Private Server To Play Clash Royale On An

Do You Need A Private Server To Play Clash Royale On Android?

What is Clash Royale?

Clash Royale is a fast paced freemium card-based strategy game. Despite the name similarity to its other namesake, Clash of clans, this is a different game altogether.

You can collect cards, coins and use the boosters to ruin opponent towers. You can play this online and for serious gamers who like the fast paced action, there is also the option of playing this game on private servers.

What are Clash Royale Private servers?

A private server for Clash Royale is where you can play this game with unlimited gems and coins. There are several private servers for Clash Royale and these are easily downloadable for Android and iOS. Usually, it’s a simple matter of downloading and installing the server and game on!

What are the advantages?

At the outset, private servers offer several advantages over regular gameplay.

– You get unlimited gems, gold, and coins

– There is no limit on the chests you can open

– You can continue to have your clan on a private server as well

– Unlike in the regular server, you don’t have to wait for the Elixir to regenerate

– The private servers operate and provide the same gaming experience as the official clash Royale server.

There are a few disadvantages too, for instance, in the official game, you need to earn your way ahead, wait for the Elixir to regenerate and though it takes time, there is an achievement to getting ahead, whereas the Clash Royale private server has no barriers or Elixir waiting time, so if you’re really competitive, this can be a downer. That said, for the most part, the joy of non-stop gaming makes private servers a much sought after option among CR fans.

How to get private server for Clash Royale

For those looking to play Clash Royale private server games, here’s a quick tutorial to getting started.

For Android users, there are a couple of ways to go about connecting to a private server

  1. Through an Android rooted device
  2. Through modded APK – no root needed

Rooting required:

You will need to download CR FHX APK. Run a search online, it’s easily accessible. Download the file, once done, just install and open. Here watch out for when it asks for root permissions, as you need to allow that. Without that, the program won’t run.

Your private server Clash Royale is up and running. If you have been playing on the official server, your loading screen will now change.

Modded APK

Much like the FHX, you need to download CR Modded APK. install it and then open the file. In this case, you connect automatically to the CR private server, as opposed to the former, where you may still be connected to the official one.

Do remember to be logged in and backed up as loading this server will overwrite your current CR game.

Likewise, there are private server options for iOS users as well. Whatever the device you choose, given the popularity of the game, you can be rest assured, there are plenty of Clash Royale private servers that you can choose from to enjoy the continuous game play of your favorite Clash Royale game.


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